Registration Part I (June 2010)

This is the first of 3 Registration Information Podcasts for TRU for the Fall and Winter Semester 2010.

Transcript: Registration Part I (text)

Registration Part II: Course Selection and Time Tabling (June 2010)

This is Part 2 of information for how to register at TRU

Transcript: Registration part II Course Scheduling (text)

Registration Part III (June 2010)

This is the third part for information regarding registration for the fall/winter 2010 semesters.

Transcript: Registration Part III – June 2010 (text)

Interview with Matt Mays & El Torpedo Bassist, Andy Patil by Brian Huntley, 4th year TRU Jounalism student

Listen to an interview with Matt Mays & El Torpedo Bassist, Andy Patil by Brian Huntley plus a few songs

*Contains adult language

Limited Admission Programs – How to be Successfully Admitted

This podcast on “Limited Admission Programs” will help you convert your application to a seat on one of the programs.  You will learn the definition of the term ‘limited’ and how to qualify for entry into a TRU program that has this admission process attached to it.

Limited Admission Programs – transcript

Do I need that Course Pre-requisite?

This Podcast will discuss what pre-requistes are and why you need them?

Do I Really Need that Course Prerequisite? – transcript

Provincial Exams

This podcast will discuss when provincial exams are required at TRU and when they are optional.

Provincial Exams (transcript)

What is Open Admission?

This podcast discusses “Open Admissions”… an educational policy in which students are admitted to a college or university regardless of their academic qualifications or record.

What is Open Admission? – transcript

Am I Really Waitlisted for a Course?

The word ‘waitlist’ always creates a level of uncertainty… this podcast will help to alleviate the uncertainty around what wait-listing really means.

Waitlisting – Transcript

Registering for Winter Courses.

Planning on coming to TRU for the winter… you can get a start on courses for most programs offered at TRU beginning January 5th.

Winter Course Registration (transcript)